The Telecommunications Network In The UAE

Based on Global Media Insight, there have been 9.52 million internet users in the United Arab Emirates as of 2020. This makes up about over 99% of the UAE population. There are numerous options allowing you access to the internet as an expatriate residing in the UAE. Mobile users take into account 8.74 million, while energetic social media accounts are at 9.52 million.

There are plenty of choices for internet connection within the United Arab Emirates. Based on where you set up your home, you’ll have to pick a service provider based on coverage in your area. There are currently two providers, namely Etisalat and Du. Both companies possess a group of optical fibre services, together with a digital network. On top of that, as outlined by Etisalat elife , Abu Dhabi has the maximum speed fibre optic in the world.

Types of Internet connection in the UAE

It is possible to do a comparison of the various packages and offers from both providers. Eventually, this will count on the speed and kind of connection you need. You are able to connect with the Internet from 56 kb per second and up to 4 Mb per second based on your package. Relating to broadband, you’ll be eligible for an ISDN, ADSL, or perhaps wired connection, including cable tv.

Availability of Internet connectivity and WiFi

In lots of resorts, restaurants, coffee shops, and even departmental stores, you’ll have access to free WiFi. You can also find other wireless types of connection, as an example, prepaid Internet through broadband modems. You’ll have to recharge your account through prepaid cards.

Unless you have a phone, tablet or laptop, you can even have accessibility to the internet in internet cafes for a small charge.

Internet packages in the UAE

Rates vary based on the different isps. If you sign up with one of them, you will have to pay a subscription fee of about 250 to 300 dirhams. Some operators charges you per hour, specifically for the low rate types of connection. The broadband connection will generally cost between 100 and 500 AED per month. Rates are fixed in advance by the internet company.

In accordance with Etisalat e-lifte  packages begin with AED 389/month to AED 2850/month depending on your package preference. This already includes internet, TV and telephone.

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